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Amazon’s Product Ads Program is a highly Targeted Pay Per Click Advertising.Program

Amazon Product Ads puts your products in front of millions of Amazon shoppers. Your ads are shown on to shoppers who are looking for similar or related products. Shoppers, who click your ads, are taken directly to your website to make a purchase. Without no monthly fees or minimum spend, you simply upload your product, set your budget, and go live.

Download the Product Ads Getting Started Guide

Current promotions for new advertisers

Amazon Product Ads is offering $75 worth of free clicks to new advertisers. Advertisers who sign up for a new account and get their first customer click on a live ad will get the next $75 worth of clicks to their website for free.

Which advertisers should use Amazon Product Ads?

Amazon Product Ads is a pay-per-click advertising program for online retailers who sell physical products. Advertisers can sign up today to advertise their products in the following categories: Baby, Computers, Electronics, Health and Beauty, Home, Home Improvement, Musical Instruments, Office, Pet Supplies, Sports, and Toys.

To advertise with Product Ads, you need an e-commerce website with a secure checkout. Each product you list must have a detail page URL on your website. Customers must be able to add the product to their shopping cart directly from your detail page.

To register for a Product Ads account, you will need to provide your business name, contact information, a US-based credit card and billing address, and a US-based phone number.

What does is cost to advertise with Amazon Product Ads?

Amazon Product Ads charges no monthly fees and has no minimum spend requirements. Advertisers are charged only when a customer clicks through to their website from Amazon Product Ads uses a cost per click bidding model that takes into account the product category and price. Advertisers set their daily budget to control how much they spend. The maximum price paid per click is controlled by the advertiser’s bid. Download the minimum bid rate card.

What do people say about Amazon Product Ads?

  • We strongly recommend that retailers leverage Amazon Product Ads. Product Ads delivers the highest ROI of any pay-per-click shopping channel that we support and we support well over 100. Scot Wingo, CEO, ChannelAdvisor Corporation
  • Amazon Product Ads is one of the highest converting shopping channel destinations we support at CI. We always make sure we recommend the channel to the appropriate retailers for whom the program is open to Larry Weeks, Director, Performance Marketing, Channel Intelligence
  • For more information, download Product Ads seller case studies.

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